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Business skills and supportThis website primarily focuses on the discipline of keep good accounting and bookkeeping records. The reason for this is that failure to keep good records is a major cause of small business failure.

However, this is not the only discipline that is important in a small business. Other disciplines that are important include:

  • People management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Product fulfilment
  • Other administration functions

Most business activities fall into one or more of these disciplines.

As we are focused on helping you develop a better business and have a successful business venture, we will also provide information on these key areas as well.

People Management

A business is only as good as its people. It might be just you to start with but as your business grows you will need to either employ people or outsource some of your work. This section will include information on this important area of business management.

Sales and Marketing

To be successful people must become aware or your goods and services and then buy them. So this section will provide information on sales and marketing.

Product Fulfillment

Some people become good at the sales and marketing but then fall down when it comes to fulfilling what they say they will do. So here are some ideas about that.

Other Administration Functions

Accounting and bookkeeping is just one of the administration functions of a business. Keeping on top of all the admin is very important to keep the wolves from the door.

To find out more, simply click on the link for the section you require.

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